Thursday, 13 December 2012

Women to watch out for in 2013

So, lets face it...this year has been pretty good for giving a leg up to women on the music scene.  It would appear that since Beyonce headlined as the first ever female headliner at Glasto in 2011, 2012 has been set a president where females have been encouraged to showcase their stuff and hold the stage.

For the most part, I am readily applauding and pretty happy about this encouraging development. For one, Florence has had a tremendous year, as well as Liane La Havas, Aluna George (well the Aluna side), Grimes, Lucy Rose, 2:54, Jesse Ware, Bat for Lashes, Romy from the XX, B-Traits, Annie Mac, Azealia Banks, Angel Haze and even Taylor Swift. Christ, even the Spice Girls came back for a song or two.

Others have, granted, either been rammed down our throats (Emile Sande/Rita Ora/Rihanna), overly exposed (Lana Del Rey), so media trained her face offends me (Cheryl) or have just released blatantly awful music (Tulisa and Nikki Minaj). I'm not by any means saying that the FORMER - NOT LATTER is the end of the world or demoting of the music at all...but c'mon ladies, surely pulling stunts such as having a sex tape released, flying to 7 different countries in 7 different days or even dumping Rob Kardashian because you've slept with 20 other men should be no way be the route to have your music heard.
Stop ladies, publicising yourself in a ridiculous manner and maybe, just maybe some women with some shame, morals and love for genuine music and not lyrics as awful for example "buns out/wiener/but I gotta keep my eye out for Selener" will get into the top 100.

ANYWAY. Onto 2013 and lets just hope that the recognition of more women in the mainstream will assist in bringing those lesser well light ladies up onto the meteoric dream they've always wished for. Here is my predictions and ones to watch for in 2013;

YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Ok, so technically its just Karen O who is the only female of the band- but she's the lead and amazing. YYYs are due to release album number 4 in 2013 so lets hope it brings them back to the festival circuit where they belong and driving indie kids everywhere wild.

HAIM - the three sisters from LA made a pretty prominent impression in 2012 releasing two singles and two EPS AND supporting the heroine that is Florence on her tour. We can expect the album to drop next year and for it to be a smasher.

THE STAVES - slightly undervalued and perhaps their issue of being too under the radar and reserved. But their music is amazing. Just not perhaps 'big' enough to make a big impact and so I fear will end up being a slow 'grower', but non the less-worthy of some attention

SHARON VON ETTRON - hyped by the Fly and all indie blogs and mags across the USA and UK. Topped for big things in 2013 and will easily fill tents in the summer

STEALING SHEEP - three Scousers with sparkling personalities and psychedelic tunes. Not cut out for the mainstream I fear, but certainly for the indie disco kids.

FOXES - Kayla - the lead has amazing vocals, can hold a stage on her own but perhaps sits in the shadow of other artists today. But if they can cough up a good enough album next year then I'll definitely take some time to pay attention to it after seeing her support other bands.