Monday, 4 February 2013

All Bands These Days Sound The Same....

There's so much music out there. So many genres. So many bands and DJs. It's getting to a point now where they're all starting to sound SLIGHTLY similar. For example, I text my mate to invite him to a James Blake gig and get a reply with "Is he the guy that sings 'Goodbye my lover?'". So if you don't know your Jessie J from your Jessie Ware then to a certain extent, fair do-s but lets see what other trip hazards there are out there...

James Blake vs James Blunt

Speech Debelle vs Wild Belle

NineTails Vs Nine Black Alps

Jessie J Vs Jessie Ware

Tribes vs The Other Tribe

Kills vs Killers

Kooks vs Kinks


Fake Club Vs Flake Blood

Blackeye Vs Black Eyed Peas

Angel Vs Angel Haze

Tinchy Stryder Vs Tinie Tempah

The Strypes Vs The White Stripes

Temples Vs Temple Songs

Foxes Vs Fleet Foxes Vs Foxygen

Zedd vs Zeds Dead 

...and I'm sure there's more. Comment to add your own.