Monday, 28 November 2011

UKF Bass Culture, Alexandra Palace

A night which despite being great, buzzing and bass-ey has been knocked by the media in the past 24 hours due to a 'rogue' batch of MDMA being taken by some very, very unfortunate 20 somethings. I just wanted to wipe the event's slate clean and voice how the majority of the attendees experienced the event.

Despite the ridiculous queue to get in (which resulted in us being late to Modestep) the event was well organised. Modestep were on fire. They sustained a euphoric level of play. Played live as a band especially well (which I think is always hard at dance events). Not only was the musicianship good, but the levels and sound system were surprisingly crisp, loud and encompassing of all the band's dynamics.

We managed to see Nero next. Their visuals were excellent, the crowd's expectations were high and generally, they received a huge welcoming. The sound wasn't as good as in the smaller room and I think the duo stripped down their music a bit too much for my liking. I know the album has a lot of spaced out, atmospheric, zoned out sequences such as in 'My Eyes', 'In The Way' and 'Innocence'. However, I think they could of built up, perhaps mixed and added something more to their original mixes. 'Doomsday' was received expectantly well alongside 'Crush on You' (which was played another three times by various other acts in the night). As a show, the couple delivered a good act.

Hertford boy 'Feed Me' was up next in the smaller room with his grinning deck. There was no messing around at his set. It was clean cut, well mixed, included a good mix of new and old stuff and generally well executed.

Finally, my personal most highly anticipated act came on. CHASE AND STATUS. They didn't let me down either. The visuals, mixes and set were brilliant. I didn't stop dancing to a single part of the set. All the anthems were played, 'Flashing lights' set the room on fire and 'Next Hype' couldn't of been received better than anyone else in the entire hall other than our group!!

We stayed in the larger room and missed 'Knife Party' in order to see the anticipated 'Skrillex' who ended up being about 40minutes late due to him flying from a previous gig in Vienna. So we watched 'Gemini', who were ok. However, they didn't have that extra "oomph" that made them stand out. I feel that their set was also very, very samey throughout. Perhaps I was just in a strop because Skrillex was late.

When Skrillex did come on, he gave it his all. He mixed straight in from Gemini and did his best to engage with the audience, worked hard on the decks and delivered. Unfortunately, come 5:00am, the sound was turned down. I imagine this was due to the venue's noise policy because a quiet-ish Skrillex is just wrong. WRONG.

All in all, a good night of Dubstep and Dance with good acts, a good venue (just a shame about the sound in the large room) and a good crowd. It's made me want to delve deeper into the dark, dingy world of Dubstep.

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