Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' Trouble album

So, Indie by name, electronic dance music by nature...The newest of the pack to join the ever increasing dance music scene. The new MGMT? The new SBTRKT? A ravier side of Friendly Fires?

You know what, I'm fed up of trying to find the latest fad, fashion and trend. Dance music is in. On the whole, it actually involves strong song writing ('Garden' and 'Your Love' in the case of this album), requires something 'extra' of the vocals to off set the eletronic elements of a synth ('Shimmer') and doesn't always have to reminisce the e-pumped-80s rave feel but has its own EDM (that electronic dance music for those not down with the lingo) genre. There doesn't always have to be big Eric Prydz beats, awful Example penned lyrics, giant chordal progressions and it doesn't have to have the massive breaks that appear in Deadmau5's dubstep tracks.

 Take the two commercial tracks good enough for the masses 'Household Goods' and 'Garden' off TEED's (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) new album. 'Garden' is sure to be an anthemic tune in its own right this summer. I certainly plan on dancing my socks off to this bouncy beat, echo drenched and gleeful Casio chord dance track. Arguably the most sing-along track on the album. Meanwhile, 'Household Goods' with its unexpected, Calvin Harris synth part that bursts out for the chorus is brilliant. The thing I don't get is the placidity of Orlando's (that's the main dude) vocals. But that's fine, he's a pretty cool, laid back cat. I do wish that this track was extended and let its hair down even more...but there's always the room to extend it when he's on stage live... right? (Bestival-watch out! This kid is going to tear the roof off!)

'Shimmer', with its reflective instrumentation of its title is so similar to a SBTRKT track that I genuinely thought my ipod had switched albums half way through. It does eventually come into its own though with a bubble gum bass line that adds perhaps the unexpected. Similarly, 'Tapes & Money' could pass as a Deadmau5 track with the addition of dozy vocals. Despite this evident influence, the build in the bridge and chorus is fantastic. Sure to be re-released if anyone is thinking straight out there.

'American Dream, Pt. 2' is another anthem which is susceptible to other DJs and producers for some re-work and exposure to the dance scene. I think the wash of synths and repetitive riffs are a project waiting to happen.

Other catchy tunes to listen out for include 'Your love', 'Trouble', 'You Need Me On My Own', 'Tapes & Money' and 'American Dream, Pt. 2'.

Some tracks seem to meander off route.... As a debut album, there's a high frequency of tracks so hats off. However, this inevitably has led to weaker tracks ('Panpipes' amongst others) appearing which just don't hold the cut against the catchier, stronger soon-to-be-hits.

Fave tracks: 'Garden', 'Household Goods' and 'Promises'

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  1. The word "enormalous" occurred to me today. I was almost certain it was not a recognized word, so I googled to see if anyone else had ever used it, and if so, what they meant by it.

    Amazing to me that you too came up with the word, and mere weeks before me. It has a brief, and interesting, appearance in the record... a piece of fiction from Good Housekeeping vol. 64 uses the word. It's also a fascinatingly strangely written story.

    Where did you get the word? Just curious.

    Thanks, CB