Monday, 13 August 2012

Noisettes' album 'Contact'

The latest material and third album from The Noisettes is finally available.

 Combining a pop feel reminiscent of the 80s with an up to date approach in showcasing the band's tight song writing skills such as tracks 1, 'Winner' and 'Let The Music Play' the band here demonstrates everything that makes the band such a stronghold.

Funkadelic beats in the bass, recognisable and remaining distinctive element of the Noisettes (remember Don't Upset The Rhythm?) especially in 'I Want You Back' and 'Let The Music Play' (where I especially enjoyed the grunginess of the keys and even likened it to a Gossip track).
Shingai Shoniwa's vocals also tie the noisettes nice package together for making them stand out. A dynamite on the stage, she's certainly an entertainer.

 More perhaps ground breaking track would be 'Ragtop Car' as they offer something just that bit extra to their regular feel (such as a country feel - oddly enough).  However, the material overall doesn't contain much of a push in an alternative direction to what the duo have provided us with before. Although, the bass dropped in 'Traveling Light' does provide an unexpected but pleasant drop in the middle of the serenading ballad.

If you are a pop thirsty bass guzzling musical monster then the strong choruses, catchy hooks and easy to sing along anthems will certainly satisfy your needs.

 Favourite tracks; Let The Music Play, 'Contact' and the delightful hidden track at the end of the record.

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