Saturday, 19 May 2012

BOY at The Borderline

  Fresh faced from Brighton-based-festival, The Great Escape just the weekend before, this female, swiss-German guitaring duo made their way to the rather cramped and jam-packed Borderline for a cheeky gig supported by a full band.

  Despite their relatively plain stage presense and modest personalities, they held their own on stage. I liked that this is the case with these two. No, they're not exactly in your face such as Jessie J or as introvert as perhaps Laura Marling, just sweet, nice, talented girls who can storm their own stuff live.

   With an album due for release in the summer, their genre of  music can be distinctively defined as indie pop. With catchy melodies, love sick harmonies and softly German-accented English you cant help but fall in love just a little bit with the two of them. Whilst on stage they give banter to the crowd and despite the language barrier, the two make good fun of themselves and the crowd. "We're disgusting... PAHAHAHHA HAHHAHAHA!!!" - goes the bassist Sonja Glass. "I mean-DISCUSSING!!!" And the entire venue falls about laughing. Absolute genuine charm.

  Catchy single 'Little Numbers' tip-toes around Regina Spector influenced piano fills and a catchy bassline that I plan on being (if not my own personal) a summer hit. I hope they have much more to offer us in the upcoming summer... Otherwise check out singles 'Drive' and 'Little Numbers'.

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