Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jack White's 'Blunderbuss'

Ok, so it's been out for ages..... And yes, I've been slow on the uptake.

Recorded in Nashville (which is pretty well suited to the southern state roots this album has eg, 'Blunderbus' and 'I'm Shakin'') This first solo album by the rocker-of-three-bands (does that make him a band slut??) is not overly ambitious and ridiculously pretentious but contains strong song writing skills and a solid collection of a variety of tracks.

From the heavier 'Sixteen Saltines' to 'Freedom at 21' and 'I'm Shakin', the album contains the expected rock tracks that spill from the White Stripes era.

However, softer 'Missing Pieces', 'Love Interruption', 'Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy' and 'Blunderbus' show just damn good instrumentation and song development with improvised bluesy like roots that I lap up on my morning commute.

Such a recogniseable vocalist will always have the challenge of trying to create a new record.  White has appeared to overcome this via creating the track, riffs and instrumentation (with excellent backing vocals) to be the focus. His vocal is not the main focus here unlike say, Thom Yorke.

He was outstanding on Jools Holland (on the 4th May) - go and catch up with it if you haven't already seen it. He's a brilliantly established musician who knows what he's doing and I can imagine to be the driving force behind his own success as opposed to leaning on a big team. This is even backed by the fact that Indie label XL (who Adele's signed to) has him on their roster. Smashing.

No more needs to be said. Go and buy it, Goddamn it.

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