Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Black Keys 'El Camino'

El Camino is the band's sixth studio album. I'm ashamed of myself for only picking up the duo on my radar this far into their career and not a moment before. ASHAMED!

The album kicks off with the very, very feisty and southern state sounding 'Lonely Boy'. Effects on the guitar, alongside a simplistic and stripped down production does the album wonders. 'Lonely Boy' is a fantastic representation of the band's genre and general feel of the duo. Third on the album is the single 'Gold On the Ceiling' which grabs the listener. What with its massive riffs, off-beat clapping, White Stripe-esque harmonies and chant-able lyrics, the single is sure to do well and guaranteed to be a festival anthem.

Other tracks worth noting include the bass driven 'Run Right Back', the utterly predictable and yet brilliant 'Sister' alongside reminiscently U2 sounding 'Money Maker'. 'Stop stop' offers Arctic Monkey fills and rhythmic guitar parts to break in the track. Again, the ease to sing along to the vocals make this band a strong contender to pull in a big crowd at all big festivals, come summer.

So whoever is claiming guitar music to be dead is a FOOL. Hats off to all Indie rockers, we salute you in these dark and Dubstep days.

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