Monday, 16 January 2012

Caitlin Moran's 'How To Be A Woman'

Ok, so acknowledged. I'm a few months out to review this book and certainly in no position to point out whether it'll be a guestimated hit or received well. Because it has been. I just wanted to verify how good it is and point out how well worth a read is for anyone who wants a fresh insight into the world of modern day feminism and fancies a bit of a giggle.

Moran's writing is humorous, yes "Strident feminism NEEDS big pants. Really big. I'm currently wearing a pair that could have been used as a fire blanket to put out the great fire of London at any point during the first 48 hours or so." It contains banter, it contains a certain degree of moaning, nagging and bitching about things that personally and generally grind against her "...I've seen feminism-to remind ourselves: the liberation of women-blamed for the following: eating disorders, female depression, rising divorce rates........ But these are all things which have simply INVOLVED WOMEN, and have nothing to do with the political involvement 'feminism'." The majority of these delightful observations however are often worthy of the criticism they get from the witty writer.

I believe this book should not only be brought to the attention of younger women, older women but also men alike. I believe it is read bestest when in private. Just because the urge to laugh out loud is over compelling. If that though makes your commute to work all the more entertaining, devious and tempting by suppressing an out loud giggle in public, then knock yourself out.

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