Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lianne La Havas 'Forget' EP

The EP features 5 songs, with the titling 'Forget' single as the outstanding and shining track. As La Havas' second EP, the record contains a good mix of soulful acoustic music from the dramatic and ear grabbing single 'Forget' to the piano accompanied, vocally shining ballard 'Gone'.

Close and personal production here is what really highlights Lianne's soulful, soothing and distinctive sound. Everything from the closeness of the microphone, to the intensity of the backing vocals which is usually shoved up somewhere against the wall of drums. Here, every instrument and musical element is made poignant. In 'Forget' the use of layering, contrasting vocals from the whispers to the sustained notes on the word 'Forget' are brilliant. Meanwhile the heavy use of reverb and closeness of the vocals in 'Same As Me' really blends together smoothly with the guitar.

La Havas' voice is one which I think shall really stand out this year. It contains a depth and warbling sound which really sets her apart from her musical peers. Providing she continues firing out singles as catchy as 'Forget' and the previous single 'No Room For Doubt' featuring Willy Mason she'll be a huge success in 2012.

The inclusion of the 'Au Cinema' live performance proves La Havas' potential as a live musician with more use of chromaticism and off beat vocals. I'm gutted I cant get any gig tickets for her. No doubt she'll be rocking the festivals this summer, and what a sound to be heard outdoors, with cider in hand!!!

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